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I'm the founder and CTO at Parallelspace Corporation, a leading developer of Truly Collaborative peer-to-peer and decentralized business solutions. Parallelspace Corporation is a founding Groove Networks business partner.

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Wednesday, June 05, 2002
Michael Herman (Parallelspace V2#3)/Parallelspace Corporation: 6/5/02 1:22 PM

I was just looking for some information on a Asynch Pluggable Protocol (app) handler I wrote called "ddtp:". It enabled web developers write plain own HTML web page based web sites and host them in an offline Outlook/Exchange public folder.

e.g. ddtp://localhost/ddtproot/default.htm in your browser would render the HTML content, MS Word docs, etc. There's no reason why the same could be written for Groove (with EasyWeb as a base).

...or for that matter, write an HTTP server that runs as a local Groove tool.

It wouldn't be hard do adapt the APP or adapt a Windows HTTP server to run inside Groove.


(I hope Billg isn't reading this ...) but it occured to me a month or so ago, that I now, on a continuous basis, have several specific applications always open on my desktop ...most of which didn't even exist 4-5 years ago:

Groove Workspace
MSN Messenger
Outlook (the exception)

...each of which is an Internet collaboration application.

Sure I use the MS Office apps a lot but they're transient or transactional and non-collaborative in any meaningful way. I use them when I need them ...most if the time they're closed.


Sunday, June 02, 2002
Q: What happens to edge-based content as it ages? e.g. a richly populated Groove shared space

A: As soon as the content can be indexed and searched, it may physically live at the edge but logically, it becomes a center-based resource.

Q: What is Google?

A: Google is the world's largest distributed document management system++.


Checkout this PPT deck on Internet Operating System Version 0.002739726027397260273972602739726 ...inspired by the discussions at the ORA Emeging Technology Conference.

What is the movie Vanilla Sky all about? ...I've just watched it (almost at the end) and simply don't get it.

We continue to grow at Parallelspace Corporation ...checkout http://www.parallelspace.net/pressroom

I'm still new to the blog thing ...how do you know if anyone actually reads your blog? Plse send me an eMail if you see this (mwherman@parallelspace.net). Thanks.

Time passes so quickly - two weeks have passed since the ORA Emerging Technology Conference. Besides extending the many relationships that developed from last fall's P2P conference, I was pleased to meet many new acquantances. Escpecially people like Bill Kallman (and his probing questions), John Udell (for challenging me to place Groove into a context that satisfied both of us :-), Nelson Minar from Goole, Wes Felter from IBM Austin, Richard Forno from "I can't tell you just now" and Lucas Gonze (for always having the most interesting table of acquaintances at lunch and for introducing me to Bill Kallman). Missing was Brad Codd, Bill Karney and the folks from Groove Networks. A special thank-you to the ORA folks who organized the focus group - it was valuable and rewarding for all. ...looking forward to next year's conference.