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I'm the founder and CTO at Parallelspace Corporation, a leading developer of Truly Collaborative peer-to-peer and decentralized business solutions. Parallelspace Corporation is a founding Groove Networks business partner.

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Thursday, March 27, 2003
The following new products and solutions are available today from Parallelspace Corporation:

Parallelspace Dashboard™ 1.0
for Groove Workspace

Parallelspace Corporation is pleased to announce the production release of Parallelspace Dashboard 1.0 for Groove Workspace 2.5. A dashboard is a personalized, aggregate view of all the key information needed by an employee to make quicker, more effective business decisions. This includes personal, team, corporate and external business information. Parallelspace Dashboard 1.0 combines and summarizes key information from Groove Workspace, desktop applications, corporate information systems and the Internet into a single, easy-to-use display.

Press release: http://www.parallelspace.net/pressroom/pressreleases.htm
Evaluation guide: ttp://www.parallelspace.net/support/dashboard
More information: http://www.parallelspace.net/products/dashboard.htm
Product support: http://www.parallelspace.net/support/dashboard
Availability: Now
Download location: http://www.parallelspace.net/downloads

Dynamic Business Solutions™

Are you a company, partnership or association with people working in branch offices, from home offices or from multiple customer or partner locations? Do you regularly or occasionally need to provide your customers and partners with controlled and secure access to selected business applications? ...or need to enable your partners to provide you with secure, controlled access to shared business applications?

If so, you're a Dynamic Business and SmartSimple is the dynamic set of business solutions needed every day to run your business. SmartSimple is family of Internet-based dynamic business solutions that are built around a common, user extensible database; securely accessed through a browser. SmartSimple is organized around 3 key themes: people, activities and measurements.

Employees, contract help, consultants, professionals, customers and partners are each identified by their email address and represented in a common organization chart as if everyone belonged to the same organization. Secure access to shared business applications is enabled by email address and password and the roles assigned to each user. SmartSimple is ideal for companies, partnerships, associations, or virtual organizations.

Press release: http://www.parallelspace.net/pressroom/pressreleases.htm
More information: http://www.parallelspace.net/products/smartsimple.htm
Product support: http://www.parallelspace.net/support/smartsimple
Availability: Now
Evaluation requests: smartsimple@parallelspace.net

Recent Updates

Parallelspace eMail 2.0

The most recent release of Parallelspace eMail 2.0 is build 2-0-127. This release fixes compatibility issues found in the production release of Groove Workspace 2.5.

About Parallelspace Corporation

Parallelspace Corporation is a business collaboration software solutions, services and training provider. Our mission is to help groups of people working in different organizations work more effectively together.