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I'm the founder and CTO at Parallelspace Corporation, a leading developer of Truly Collaborative peer-to-peer and decentralized business solutions. Parallelspace Corporation is a founding Groove Networks business partner.

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Thursday, September 25, 2003
BTW, where is Groove Networks headed?

There's been no word about an updated Groove product or company vision for almost a year.

The Groove Partner program seems to have died. No more monthly emails, partner talks or annual briefing.

There's been some discussions about the use of iCal, RSS, Groove, etc.

We have a client we built a server-less iCal-based Free/Busy Connector for Microsoft Outlook for. Groove is used as the secure backplane for handling security, data transport and synch across firewalls. There's no serious limit to the number of organizations (and individuals) that can be simulataneously sharing their free/busy information for, for example, scheduling presentation meeting times.

OpenCola closed their doors this past July.